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by Senkaku Magazine

Chinese money is pouring into Hokkaido at a much greater scale than imagined. In his recent visit to the island prefecture, Nike Free46-0110,DC / KIDS SNAPPY SNAP BLUE MOON ADBHA00008-BLP0Nike Free45-0993,, but a Chinese diplomatic source said he was just using the meeting as an excuse for touring the island.

Nike Free45-1010,GARAGE / KIDS JK447 CLEAR / RED JK447Man Shox Current-0022,, Basketball Harden-0030,GARAGE / KIDS JK406 BLACK / MULTI JK406Basketball kyrie-0076,, and a state-of-the-art vegetable plant, both in Tomakomai — apt choices for Li, who in 2015 initiated the “Made in China 2025” economic reform plan to upgrade the Chinese economy and industry.

Jordans 1-0054,HAND SPINNER / CAMO LEOPARDBasketball Kobe-0552,. The penetration of Chinese money into Hokkaido has been progressing quietly but steadily. Man Max 90-1155,HAND SPINNER / DEADPOOL BLACKBasketball OTHER-0272,, Chinese capital last year purchased more than 2,400 hectares of forestland and an estimated 4,000 hectares of land for solar power generation — together equivalent to the area encompassed by the Yamanote Line in Tokyo. No doubt, there are additional land purchases by Chinese money not reported to the government.

More ominous is the acquisition of farmland by Chinese capital. For example, Nike Free45-0903,HAND SPINNER / SHURIKEN BLUEJordans 12-0113,.

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Chinese investments are particularly active along the Pacific coast of Hokkaido, especially in the cities of Tomakomai and Kushiro, both equipped with port facilities.

Tomakomai,MAN Max 2016-0144,GARAGE / VO4194B BLUE VO4194BBasketball kyrie-0055, to New Chitose Airport and is viewed as a leading candidate to host “integrated resort” facilities.

Last year, Nike wonen Flyknit-0138,GARAGE / A-Z16401 MATTED BLACK / GREY A-Z16401Basketball Durant-0273,.

The eastern Hokkaido city of Kushiro, meanwhile, Nike Free45-0846,GARAGE / VO4150 BLACK / BLACK VO4150Basketball Hyperdunk-0137,. That body has never failed to send delegates to meetings of the Japan-China Friendship Association in places like Tokyo and Sapporo, Basketball Kobe-0492,GARAGE / VO4200F BLACK / BROWN VO4200FMan Max Sandals-0017,.

The Chinese side, meanwhile, Basketball Rose-0127,GARAGE / VO3162A SILVER / BLUE VO3162AMAN Max 2017-0023,, the location in Kushiro is likely to be inside Kushiro Public University of Economics. If the plan materializes, Jordans 2--013,MY I / 05:96 P4 MATTED PURPLE / ORANGE 05:96 P4Jordans KID 11C-3y--313,.

Nike Free45-0432

China’s penetration is more clearly visible in the town of Shiranuka, which lies next door to Kushiro. High schools there have designated Chinese as a selective foreign language subject for second- and third-year students. MAN Max 2016--131,DC / CHINOOK 6 VINTAGE GREEN EDYAA03021-GZJ0Basketball Harden--006,.

Solar and biomass power plants run by Chinese companies abound in and around Kushiro and Shiranuka. Man Max 90-1064,DC / PEKETO TENNISNike Free44-0997,.

Resort facilities in Tomamu and Sahoro are well-known as instances of investments in Hokkaido by Chinese. The Tomamu resort was suddenly bought up by a Shanghai company 15 years ago and what used to look like a ghost town has developed a completely different face. But unlike other resorts,Nike Free45-0708,DC / RD HIGHLIGHT BELT BLAZING ORANGE ADYAA00008-NHPNike Free45-0778,.

Thirteen years ago in May 2005, at a seminar on regional economic development held in Sapporo under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Jordans Sandals-0164,DC / HEARD YA BLACK ADYHA03389-KVJ0Man Max Lunar-0033,, a Chinese businessman running language schools in Hokkaido spoke about increasing Hokkaido’s population to 10 million, Man Max TP-0059,DC / HARLENSON TRUCKER SYCAMORE ADYHA03472-SA1Man Max 90-0963,.

Jordans 14-0027,NIKE / SB ICON SNAP MEDIUM OLIVE / ANTHRACITE / BLACK 628683-222Man Max 90-0883,. Although such a scheme was thought at the time to be absurd, Chinese are coming to Hokkaido today in large numbers. Although the land they have acquired may not be put to use immediately, Man Air Max 2010-0064,SUPRA / ABOVE SNAP GREY / STN C3501-033Kid free28-35-0205,, water and other necessities,Nike Free45-0591,VANS / LAWN PARTY TRUCKER CAMO V005KHCMANike Flyknit-0153,.

China has seriously started thinking of turning Okinawa and Hokkaido, both well-suited for advance into the Pacific, Basketball OTHER-0133,VANS / PEANUTS BEACH GIRL TRUCKER WOODSTOCK VA3B3XO45Jordans 13-0181,. Although Hokkaido has strategic importance in navigation to the Arctic Ocean, nothing has been done about it so far, the diplomatic source added.Man Max UM-0033,DAKINE / CAMPUS 25L CARBON 8130056Air Force LOW-0295,.

What China is doing in Hokkaido is far from constructing strategic bases in foreign lands as part of its “One Belt, One Road” initiative to connect it to Europe. But China’s intention of slowly penetrating Hokkaido over a long period of time is clear. Beijing’s ideal outcome is to create a situation in which people in Hokkaido cannot move forward without relying on China, the diplomatic source said. Nike Free44-0841,DAKINE / CLASSIC HIP PACK FIELDCAMO 8130205Nike Free45-0509,.

Air Force HIGH-0046

This is an abridged translation of an article from the May issue of Sentaku, a monthly magazine covering political, social and economic scenes. Jordans 13-0175,DC / WAISTPACK BLACK / WHITE EDYBA03031-KVJ0Jordans KID 11C-3y-0268,Did John Bolton try to sink the Trump-Kim summit?

Man Max 90-0814,DC / BRUCKS BP VINTAGE GREEN EDYBP03140-GZJ0Man Max TN-0187,, secretly sent his secretary of state ...
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When you think of the ocean, what images come to mind? Perhaps you see cresting waves, schools of tuna, or sunlit kelp forests. What you likely don't imagine is plastic. Basketball Hyperdunk-0120,SUPRA / COOL MAX SOX WHITE / BLACK SX0302-119Nike Free45-0316,